I was raised Evangelical Protestant, became a Deist, and am now researching the Catholic Church. I’ll post about the things I discover along the way.

Because of my background, I’ll probably mainly address the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism, but I might touch on other things about Christianity, religion and/or morality in general.

I called this blog “Christianity for the Merely Human” because when I started exploring Catholic teaching, I was struck by how accessible it is, at least compared to the Christianity I knew in Protestantism. I felt that this was a Christianity I could do, without having to be a theologian, a linguistic expert, or a history professor. It didn’t require emotional experiences or superhero levels of self-assurance and self-knowledge. You don’t have to be a genius to be a Catholic.

On the flip side, the Catholic Church is full of theologians, linguistic experts, history professors, people who had huge emotional experiences, incredible self-assurance and knowledge, and a whole lot of bonafide geniuses. There seems to be room for everybody, which would make sense for the way that God reveals himself to all people on earth.


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